HOUSE GROUPS @stmarywarsash

The early Christians met in one another’s homes to pray and nurture their faith. In this way they not only encouraged one another but grew in number.  Eventually, sizeable communities were established and in the following centuries churches were built as places of worship.

Here at St.Mary’s we have a number of flourishing house groups. They meet once a fortnight, normally on different evenings/afternoons to study aspects of the Bible in order to gain a deeper understanding of the Christian faith and to share  experiences.

These groups are made up of members of our congregation who want to learn more about Christianity.

There is a real sense of fellowship as well as friendship within home groups at St.Mary’s.

Some have been members for a number of years, others are relatively new to this experience.

Everyone is welcome as we are keen to encourage people to join one of the groups.

Please contact St.Mary’s Church Office for further details.