TIME AND TALENTS @stmarywarsash

Our congregational community relies upon the sharing by its members of their time and talents if we are to serve the Lord in our community.  We are very grateful for all that people generously share of themselves in the congregation and wider community.

There are so many expressions of the life of the church in the community and it is through the sharing of ourselves with others that our fellowship and discipleship grows.  There are many ways to serve God through the offering of our time and talents.

For example, volunteers contribute to the many areas of Church Life including:-

Lay Ministry

Communion Assistants

Music either via the Choir and/or Music Group

Church Cleaning

Churchyard Maintenance

Coffee after Services

Prayer Ministry


Bell Ringers

Church Office Administration

Financial & Budget Forecasting

Social Events & Fundraising

This list is not exhaustive.  If you are passionate about an issue, or want to grow a new gift in ministry or worship, or simply want to chat about how to be involved then please chat to a friend who’s already involved or contact us.