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Arranging a Baptism

Congratulations on your decision to seek baptism whether for a child, or for yourself as an adult.
Baptisms typically take place at a special celebration on the second Sunday of each month at 12 Noon.  It is a very rich and enjoyable service at which family and guests feel very much at home.
Rather than repeat here, the anglican website has some helpful information all about Baptism in the Church of England.  You can visit the site at  following the ‘Life Events’ and ‘Baptism’ tabs.  It will tell you about Godparents, what to expect, Thanksgivings for children, Confirmation etc.

The process of baptism at St.Mary’s is as follows:

  1. Check that you live in St.Mary’s parish or are on the church Electoral Roll*.
  2. Ideally visit the Church Office in the Church Hall any weekday morning between 10am-12noon to make a booking.  There is a form and various documents we give to you and which you return.
  3. If you cannot get to the office at that time then please email baptisms(at) with your enquiry.
  4. When you make a booking you will be invited to an evening to prepare for the Baptism service.
  5. We will be pleased to celebrate the baptism with you.
  6. You will be invited to Family Worship the following month to be presented with your certificate and receive the welcome of the congregation.

*If you live in another parish we do encourage you to seek baptism for your child where you live.  This is because baptism is actually about your child and their future faith community, where they will grow up, belong to church, go to school, know the vicar, attend sunday school etc. The parish boundary can be seen in blue if you zoom out on the About Us page.


A service which is growing in popularity is a celebration of the birth of children in a way which separates the joy of such an occasion from the expectations and promises of Baptism as a sign of following Jesus.  The joyful service includes the presentation of a Bible to your child and invites the parents to commit themselves to the welfare of their baby.  If you would like to consider this service ahead of or instead of Baptism then please contact us.


This is the ceremony which completes the prayers and aspirations of baptism.  In it the Bishop prays that God will confirm his Holy Spirit upon the candidate.  It is often seen as the prelude to receiving Communion in the Church of England.  Older teens and adults attend a preparation course in anticipation of their baptism and/or confirmation.  At St.Mary’s we typically use an Alpha or Emmaus ( course as part of this preparation.  Please contact the office if you would like to discuss getting Confirmed with a licensed minister.