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The Walk of the Cross

Download the Walk of the Cross Welcoming Prayer here

Come to him, a living stone, though rejected by mortals yet chosen and precious in God’s sight, and, like living stones, let yourselves be built into a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:4-5)

As we plan to recognise and celebrate the 150th Anniversary of St Mary’s Church, Hook with Warsash in 2021 we remember with deep gratitude the countless folks over the decades that have been involved in creating and sustaining this glorious place of worship.  Our plans include a number of events to be hosted in our beautiful and peaceful building culminating in a special ‘Anniversary’ service in September 2021.  Of course the church is not only the building, important as that is as a symbol of God’s presence in this place, but also the congregation, our wonderful flock of worshippers who make tangible the body of Christ in our community.  And surely this significant milestone in our church life – a building re-dedicated to the service of God for another 150 years – deserves a re-dedicated people, ‘living stones’ ready to play their part in the next stage of ministry in this place.

Walk of the Cross
In order to offer the whole community of worshippers at St Mary’s an opportunity to connect with and participate in this enterprise we are planning to walk the processional Cross around the Parish in the days and weeks leading up to the Anniversary Service.  The cross will leave the church on Easter Sunday following a pre-planned route and return on the evening of the 11th September ready for the Anniversary Service the following day.  Each night it is hoped that the cross will be hosted by a Parishioner in their house with a special prayer to be used to seek God’s blessing on our preparations and witness. A team of volunteers will be established to walk the cross from house to house providing a uniquely visible symbol and talking point for the forthcoming Anniversary events.

Do pray about it.  It will be a wonderful and meaningful event when we can feel connected to the greater body of believers, past, present and future as we parade the Cross of Christ Crucified and play our small part in welcoming and promoting God’s kingdom in this place.


The Cross is continuing it’s journey round the Parish where it is being hosted in Parishioners homes overnight.  Currently it is approaching half way round as we head towards St Mary’s 150th Anniversary Service to be held on 12th September.  Recently it has been hosted by some friends of St Mary’s on Warsash Road (members at St Paul’s), then moved all the way to the bottom of Church Road and has now reached one of our Reader’s homes.  Next stop Oakwood Close.  There’s still time to host the Cross if you would like by calling the Church Office on 01489 570846.

Mid April 2021
The Processional Cross has now begun it’s journey round the Parish with the first stop being the vicarage – see photographs.  Next stop – Roger and Sally Clear.  Call or email the Church Office to volunteer to host the Cross for a day or two and participate in this wonderful opportunity.

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