CHARITIES 2014 @stmarywarsash

Here are the charities we supported with donations during 2014 with an outline of their aims and objectives.

* = this charity has not previously been supported.

 *Military Ministries International – January

The MMI serves Christians and Chaplains in the Military Worldwide. They operate at local, National and International level in Africa, Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. MMI supports, builds and maintains individual relationships with Christians through correspondence, communication and by regular visits to Christians who would often struggle alone. They also offer conferences, seminars, retreats and training events. The Reverend Mike Terry (who is Interim Assistant Curate at St Mary’s) works part-time for MMI.

Gilead Foundation – February

 The Gilead Foundation is a therapeutic community. It offers a Christian based residential rehabilitation programme called KEY for people with life-controlling addictions, such as drug or alcohol abuse, homelessness, gambling, eating disorders, self-harm and other addictive behaviour. It is based on a 300acre farm in rural Devon. The foundation operates a 3-phase therapeutic training programme this includes detox, relapse prevention training, various therapies and help with resettlement back into society. The course also includes work therapy and skills training in various areas and basic skills such as numeracy, literacy, IT and First Aid so that qualifications can be achieved.

Childs iFoundation – March (Mothering Sunday)

The Childs iFoundation helps abandoned babies in Uganda by providing quality short-term care in their Malaika Babies Home. Many babies are abandoned in hospitals, car parks, and roadsides and are admitted into the Babies Home malnourished, traumatised and weak. Every child receives their own care plan and carer whilst their social work team finds them a permanent home within 6 months to avoid long-term psychological damage. The Foundation works to resettle the babies into a loving home with either their extended family or into adoption or fostering. To prevent abandonment they provide practical support to vulnerable families to enable them to keep their children.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Shelter Box -April (Easter)

Shelter Box is an international relief charity that delivers emergency shelter to people affected by disasters such as flooding, conflicts and earthquakes. It sends out boxes containing tents and survival supplies for families around the world. Each green box is tailored to a disaster, but typically contains a tent for extended family, mosquito nets, thermal blankets, water storage and purification equipment, cooking utensils, stove, basic tool kit, children’s activity pack and other vital items. There are many areas of the world in need of emergency shelter including Syria, Niger, India, Pakistan, Sudan and Uganda. Shelter box relies entirely on donations.

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line – May

The charity was founded after Belarus and Ukraine received radioactive fall out from the 1986 nuclear explosion. It aims to bring child victims of the disaster to the UK for 4 weeks’ recuperative break away from contaminated food, water and air. This helps to boost their immune systems. Over 46,000 children have been brought to stay with families since 1992. It provides multi-vitamins and basic healthcare products on their return. The Portsmouth and Hayling Island Link is also involved in this.

Vitalise – June

Vitalise provides short and medium breaks (respite care) for people with physical disabilities and carers. It was previously known as Winged Fellowship Trust. Their centres cater for adults with various disabilities and they aim to provide an alternative to traditional residential respite care. Each centre offers short breaks in a relaxed, holiday style environment with trips and activities. They provide 24 hour nursing care and personal support. There is also a long-stay residential centre in Southport. One of their centres is at Netley Waterside House near Southampton.

Mission to Seafarers – July (Sea Sunday)

This voluntary society within the Anglican Church is concerned with the well being of seafarers of all races and creeds in more than 60 countries around the world. Its chaplains, lay staff and volunteers provide a welcome and friendship in over 260 ports and provides help and support to the 1.3 million men and women who can face danger such as piracy, shipwreck and abandonment. They help seafarers in need, encourage them in their faith, and visit them if they are left in hospital when their ship sails. It provides links with parish clergy to extend support to families and offers help and advice in cases of injustice or hardship. It is entirely funded by voluntary donations.

Age Concern Hampshire– August

Age Concern provides support services to older people in Hampshire. They have decided to remain an independent charity rather than being part of the national charity Age UK. They work closely with Hampshire County Council together with other partners in the voluntary and statutory sectors. Their aim is to give support to enable older people to maintain independence and to live in the environment of their choosing. They provide 15 day care centres one of which is Locks Heath Day Care Centre in. These Day Centres provide personal care, when required; stimulate memory and mental activity; encourage mobility and provide social interaction.

Teenage Cancer Trust – September

Teenage cancer requires specialist care. Teenage Cancer Trust has funded, built and now maintains 25 units across the UK and plans to build a further 10 so that all young people needing hospital treatment for cancer are treated together by teenage cancer experts as close to home as possible. One unit is at Southampton General Hospital. They provide specialist services, peer support, a family support network, research, education, psychological, educational and employment support and work with partners in the NHS, government and organisations to strive to improve survival rates.

Tools for Self-Reliance –September/October (Harvest)

TFSR is a small UK charity working to help relieve poverty in Africa by collecting and refurbishing tools. Their HQ in Netley Marsh has a fully equipped workshop and warehouse. Around 1000 volunteers help with collecting tools, refurbishing tools, fundraising and raising awareness of TFSR work. They work with partners in Ghana, Malawi, Sierra Leone and Zambia. In Ghana they train young people to be bicycle mechanics and help them set up businesses. In Tanzania they support tool production and developing technical skills such as sewing machine refurbishment and carpentry.

Sara Afshari CMS Mission Partner – November    

Sara is our Mission Partner in Central Asia. Sara is Executive Director of Iranian Christian Broadcasting (ICB), transmitting TV programmes in Farsi (Persian) in the Iran region. ICB broadcasts from Cyprus. It produces and broadcasts documentaries, children’s programmes including bible readings, news, etc. Sara’s responsibilities as Station Director include developing the channel, managing the organisation, fund raising and developing new programmes. Sara has been studying for a PhD in World Christianity, whilst continuing her work with Sat-7 and meets her team daily on Skype. Sara exchanges letters with our congregation and relies on our support.

Poppy Appeal – November (Remembrance Day)

The first ever Poppy Day was held on 11 November 1921. The Legion’s purpose is to give practical help in time of need to all who served in the Forces, and their widows and dependents. There is an increasing need to help the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces today as well as ex-service personnel and their dependents.

Friends of The Homeless Basics Bank – December

Since 2003 this charity has operated the Fareham and Gosport Basics Bank giving food parcels to anyone in crisis. In a year the Basics Bank has given 1,630 food parcels feeding more than 3,000 and gives food for a week for people in need. They are dependent on donations of food, toiletries, nappies etc. The Bank keeps a small stock of clothes, sleeping bags and blankets. The service is accessed through agencies such as health visitors, social services and homeless charities. People may access the service up to 4 times a year; this prevents them from becoming too dependent on the service and ensures the Bank can support as many people as possible.

Crisis – December (Midnight Mass)

Crisis is a charity for single homeless people. On average homeless people die at about 47 years and from 2010 there has been a big increase in homelessness. Crisis Skylight is an education, training and employment centre for homeless and vulnerably housed people, and offers practical and creative workshops with formal learning opportunities that lead to qualifications and can help people find work. There are Skylight centres in 8 UK cities. Crisis offers training, advice and one to one coaching to enable people to access community services, debt and legal advice and employment and hospitality training in their café. There is a mental health team on site.