Thursday 20th September – Warsash to Bognor (Day One)


Report from Peter on the first day…….Well we have made it to the first Airbnb. The wind was not too bad but it looks worse tomorrow. Two expensive ferry crossings: imagine £5.50 to travel the five minute stretch from Eastney to Hayling!! Nice flat route today with the wind at our backs of course. Bill’s “Garmin” is slightly awkward in that it seems to only decide the next step at the last minute so we therefore had a few wrong turns but nothing untoward. Will write again tomorrow from Newhaven. Time for tea and wine.

Friday 21st September – Bognor to Newhaven (Day Two)

All going to plan.  First photo is leaving Lyminster this morning.  Second photo was taken in Rottingdean where they were riding along a very windy seafront.

Bill writes…….

‘We made it as far as Seaford today, a little further than we had intended, but it means that tomorrow is now slightly shorter, making it more balanced. The wind today has obvious been the biggest factor, with westerlies of over 40mph Pete and I were really glad to be cycling from Warsash to Canterbury rather than the other way around! It was a ride right the way along the coast on cycleways but with some diversions on to the main roads, all of which were very busy and threatening. But we loved the parts of the ride along the proms with the wind pushing us along and the sunshine bouncing beautifully off the sea. We stopped for lunch just before Brighton, sat in one of the little shelters that are scattered along the prom. An artist was painting close to us as we were eating and so now Pete and I are immortalised, in our cycle kit, in his seascape. A claim to fame!

Saturday 22nd September – Newhaven to Rye (Day Three)

Getting ready to leave Peacehaven accommodation

And it’s now raining and the boys are at Seven Sisters Country park keen to get going again…

Here are our intrepid explorers smiling in the rain, off to Rye, on stage 3 of their pilgrimage.

Carol Day writes……….An interesting day.  Eva and I decided to indulge in a bit of history.

We went to Pevensey Castle and then on to Battle to go round the 1066 site and abbey.

The men meanwhile had a rather wet day.  Some lovely countryside to cycle through and then a large hill………..  Bill had cycled up a big hill, almost to the top when he knew he had to stop but couldn’t get his feet out of his bike cleats, so fell off.  Consequently he has a damaged knee poor soul, but not enough to stop him cycling the last day.

Sunday 23rd September

All these pilgrims thronging the streets of Canterbury but our boys are not among them-not today, sadly. Today, nature was on a huge watering mission so much so that it would have compromised our valiant cyclists’🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️ safety on the road.

Instead, they decided on the following plan: in the morning we will drive them back to Rye from where they will, hopefully in full (predicted!) sunshine, cycle to the door of Canterbury cathedral and thus fulfil their obligation to all of you who have Kindly promised them money for their efforts. An update on the final leg of their journey tomorrow.

Monday 24th September – Rye to Canterbury (Final Day)

After 168 miles our heroes have arrived at the great door of Canterbury Cathedral. Countless pilgrims have journeyed to this spot over the centuries but not on bicycles.🚵‍♀️🚵‍♂️.
After losing a day to terribly wet and windy conditions, Bill and Peter mounted their trusty metal steeds in blazing sunshine just outside Rye this morning and arrived at Canterbury Cathedral at 3 this afternoon.
As seasoned pilgrims our heroic cyclists were entitled to a free tour of the great cathedral. Their groupies (Carol and Eva) also got in free.
It should be noted that after the wash out of yesterday when they could not cycle, Peter and Bill drove back to Rye this morning to cycle the journey they should have completed yesterday. Such commitment from our retired vicar and church warden, such an achievement as neither is in the first flush of youth.
Cheers to them both as we crack open a bottle of bubbles!!